About The Directorate of Laboratories

Of the administrative side the central laboratories, associated with the Office of Vice –President for Scientific Affairs and postgraduate Studies.
This circuit consists of a director and eleven employees,   Founded with the re-establishment of the University of Sulaimani in 1992.
Laboratory Directorate office located on the third floor of the Faculty of Medicine Building.

In addition to the Administrative Office of the Central Laboratories consists of seven stores and classified according to the following terms of reference:

  1. General chemicals store.
  2. Toxic chemicals Store
  3. Equipment and physical materials 
  4. Devices and biological materials
  5. Medical equipment and materials
  6. Computing devices and materials
  7. Devices and Glassware

Each one of these stores ran by competent employees who are:

  1. The process of storage devices and materials own and distribute to colleges and other units of the University according to demand and need.
  2. Order User input and output devices and materials.
  3. An annual inventory of the store of the laboratories and audits the annual inventory of the colleges and departments.