Directorate of Laboratories Staff

 NO. NameCertificate Work Title Responsibility eMail Address 
 1 Abubakir Mohammed ahmed 
 Chief biologist Senior Acting Director and Responsible of biological store  [email protected]
 2 Meran Abdul karem saeed
 Ass. Chief biologist Responsible of medical store [email protected]
 3 Ari Hassan Salih  B.Sc./physic Associate Chief physics Responsible of physics and computer store  [email protected]
 4 Heran Kamil Amen  B.Sc. chemistry Senior chemist Responsible of Toxic chemical store [email protected]
 5 Hero Sharif Osman M.Sc. chemistry Ass. Chief chemist Ass. Responsible of General chemicals store  [email protected]
 6 Delovar Othman Omer Diploma Senior Technical director Responsible of General chemicals store [email protected]
 7 Neaz jamal jalal B.Sc. chemistry Senior Chief chemist Responsible of Devices and Glassware store [email protected]
 8 Almas Arif hamaamin Diploma Assistant manager Responsible of Accounting and Statistics [email protected]
 9 Talar jalal hasan Diploma Chief observer maternity permission 
 10 Zhwan talib hamaziz B.Sc.       biology Biologist Ass. Responsible of physics and computer store 
 11 Aryan Muhammad Raza Ibrahim  B.Sc.       biology Ass. Chief biologist maternity permission 
 12 Talib Ahmad Rashid Primary ------- service